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Are you looking for a way to track how your Primary learners are doing?

I like to write a quick note about each child, after every lesson. This note is usually just a few words or a sentence. I use a template to help me do this. Click this link to download: Primary Tracker

How do I use the tracker?

  • Before the lesson, write in the children’s names on the left column, and write the dates of each lesson on the first row. Depending on your class size and length of terms, you may need to make several copies of this PDF for your context.
  • You may prefer to print the tracker in A3, so you have more space to write notes.
  • After each lesson, write a quick comment on each child, in the table. Focus on what children can do, rather than what they can’t. For example, you may write ‘tried hard in the guessing game’, ‘made an excellent monster’, or ‘could re-tell the story with confidence’.
  • You can draw symbols based on the key, for each lesson. Again, notice that these focus on the positive. They also recognise non-linguistic skills such as being kind.

Tracker image 2

Why should I use a tracker?

  • It helps you reflect on the children’s development, and focus on what they have achieved, rather than what they couldn’t do.
  • Seeing a written record of how the children responded to different lessons/activities can inform your planning. This will make sure you offer enjoyable, supportive and challenging lessons.
  • If your Director of Studies/manager have a question about a student, you have some record of their participation (and enjoyment!) in the lessons.
  • When you need to write a report at the end of term/year, you have notes to work from.


Tracker image 1

I don’t have time for this!

Completing this tracker takes just minutes. I only write a few words for each child every lesson, but after a few weeks, I have a record which reflects the whole child and their experience in my lessons. It’s really worth getting into the habit.

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