Delta Module 3 YL Specialism Reading List


There are plenty of blog posts out there on Delta. There’s advice on studying for the Module 1 exam, the (excellent) Delta Conversations series on Sandy Millin’s blog, and you can even find people who’ve posted their entire Module 2 LSAs online (not recommended!). In this post, I’m going to share my Module 3 bibliography.

What was your specialism?

My specialism was young learners aged eight to twelve.

What grade did you get?

Good question! I got a Merit for Module 3.


There are some books on this list that are extremely useful for any YL teacher to read- even if you’re not doing the Delta. I’ve put them in bold.

Bradshaw, C (2004). Giving great instructions! English Teaching Professional, 38, 23-24.

Cameron, L. (2010). Teaching Languages to Young Learners. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Dubin, F. and Olshtain, E. (2000). Course Design. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Graves, K. (2000). Designing Language Courses: A Guide For Teachers. Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers.

Hall, G. (2011). Exploring English Language Teaching: Language in Action. Abingdon: Routledge.

Halliwell, S. (2004). Teaching English in the Primary Classroom. Essex: Pearson Education Limited.

Hughes, A. (2013). Testing for Language Teachers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ioannou-Georgiou, S. & Pavlou, P. (2003). Assessing Young Learners. Oxford: Oxford

University Press.

Irun-Chavarria, M. (2005). Doing, reflecting, learning. English Teaching Professional, 40, 20.

McNamara, T. (2008). Language Testing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Moon, J. (2005). Children Learning English: A Guidebook for English Language Teachers. Oxford: Macmillan Education.

Nunan, D. (1988). Syllabus Design. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Pinter, A. (2009). Teaching Young Language Learners. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Read, C. (2014). 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom. Oxford: Macmillan Education.

Richards, J.C. (2001). Curriculum Development in Language Teaching. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press.

Roland, C. (2014). Content under the spotlight. English Teaching Professional, 94, 22-24.

Scott, W. A. & Ytreberg, L. H. (1998). Teaching English to Children. Essex: Longman.

Seedhouse, P. (1995). Needs Analysis in the General English Classroom. ELT Journal, 49/1, 59-65.

Thornbury, S. (2006). An A-Z of ELT. Oxford: Macmillan Education.

Ur, P. (2009). A Course in Language Teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Young, J. (2000). Who needs analysis? ELT Journal, 54/1, 73-74.

Please note that the marking criteria may have changed since I did my Module 3. Reading these books is no guarantee of anything 😉

What was your essential Delta reading?


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